Inside Michelle Marie, Taryn Manning & Courtenay Semel's Scorpio Soiree Birthday

by Emily Green · November 10, 2011

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    Last night at The Beverly had numerous causes for celebration: not only was it the joint birthday blowout for Michelle Marie, Taryn Manning and Courtenay Semel to complete the spicy Scorpio trifecta, but we also discovered something that my jeans and I would have really benefited from my freshman year of college: diet vodka.

    Yeah, someone totally stole my idea and invented a vodka that's half the calories but packs the same punch called Voli Vodka. The "lite" cocktails were flowing throughout the Scorpio Soiree for the triple birthday celebration as DJ Mr. Best, Dominic Carter, and Chris Huvane spun the mood music. The night also featured a very special performance by one of Interscope's hottest new talents and Pharrell co-hort, Jared Evan. The lack of calories in drinks was more than compensated for with a Wonka candy spread outside on the patio. Don't ask me how the two packs of Fun Dip and box of Gobstoppers I found in my purse this morning got there. And for those with severe ADD, there was also photobooth to capture the memories.

    Towards the end of the night the party sang a big "Happy Birthday" as desserts covered in candles appeared in front of the trio. We hope this year brings Michelle, Taryn and Courtenay nothing but the best. Same time next year?

    Nony Tochterman, Leila Askarnia

    Michael Yo

    Courtenay Semel, Taryn Manning

    Lady Victoria Hervey

    Allison Melnick, Taryn Manning, Michelle Marie, Amber Lancaster