Lady Gaga Wants Boring Food Backstage...

by Emily Green · March 31, 2010

    When a tour rider for Lady Gaga itemizing her needs for each venue she performs at surfaced, I was excited see to the bizarre demands of the diva.  Wow, what a disappointment... There wasn't a single strange, rare, or disturbing thing listed! How could this be? Believe it.  This woman who gets off on being a freak and won't step foot outside without being in a full-blown costume and wig only requested basic things you and I have in our kitchen. It was probably the most simple and easy tour rider I've ever come across - nothing like the epic 18-pager for Iggy Pop. Among the items listed were pita bread, canned tuna, and assorted sodas. That's all fine and good, where is the alcohol?

    [Image via NYDaily News]