Last Night's Parties: Ray J, Amare Stoudemire Kick Off The ESPYs With Playboy; Li Bing Bing Screens Her New Movie "Snowflower And The Secret Fan"

by Dalya Benor · July 12, 2011

    An unusual mix of models, athletes and randoms such as Alison Waite, Amare Stoudemire, and Ray J (respectively) join in a testosterone-infused gathering hosted by none other than Playboy in honor of the ESPY awards at Boulevard3; Director Wayne Wang, actress Li Bing Bing, and producer Wendi Murdoch mingle for the cameras to promote their newest film, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan at The Little Theatre—get all the details you'd ever want to know about what went on Monday night in L.A. in today's edition of Last Night's Parties. [Jim Gianopulos, Nancy Utley, Peter Rice, Wendi Murdoch, Steve Gilula photo via]

    2011 Playboy All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party

    Where: Boulevard 3 Who Was There: Amare Stoudemire, Bernard Berrian, Eddie Cibrian, Eddie George, Edi Gathegi, Jason Bell, John Saunders, Kim Glass, Omar Miller, Quinton Aaron, Ray J, Roger R. Cross, Warrick Dunn, Allison Baver, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Dhani Jones, Eddie George, John Saunders, Kim Lee, Roger R. Cross, Stacy Fuson, Tim Abell, Warrick Dunn. Other Details: This "All-Star" crowd came together to celebrate sports, girls, and heavy-handed product endorsements, such as Ray J feeling the need to pose for the cameras and model not one, but two baseball hats. While guests kept busy throwing up peace signs "hey, check out my hat" hand gestures for photos, Russell Westbrook looked like he could have charmed any mother with his shiny grin. As usual for any Playboy-sponsored event, there were plenty of men, boobs, and bunnies. The only thing missing here was a keg stand for this frat-tastic gathering. [Russell Westbrook photo via]

    Fox Searchlight Special Screening of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

    Where: The Little Theatre - Fox Lot Who Was There: Anne Sweeney, Charles Perez, Danica Perez, Dawn Ostroff, Elizabeth Wiatt, Harry Sloan, Jaclyn Smith, Jennifer Morrison, Jim Gianopulos, Jimmy Iovine, Li Bingbing, Lynda Carter, Melina Kanakaredes, Nancy Utley, Peter Rice, Rita Wilson, Sara Rue, Steve Gilula, Steven Van Zandt, Tom Rothman, Wayne Wang, Wendi Murdoch, Willow Bay. Other Details: Fox Searchlight held a screening last night of Wayne Wang's newest film, based on the book of the same name about two girls in 19th century China and parallels to present day Shanghai. Li Bing Bing wowed in a beaded nude frock, actresses Melina Kanakaredes and Rita Wilson caught up on the red carpet, while Steve Van Zandt was in his usual psuedo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles getup, complete with an eggplant-purple blazer and do-rag. After the screening, the film's stars participated in a Q & A with the audience to close out the event. [Jim Gianopulos, Li Bingbing, Florence Sloan, Wendi Murdoch, Wayne Wang, Steve Gilula, Lisa See photo via]