"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" NYC Prep Versus LA Spin The Bottle

by SARAH MANDATO · July 22, 2009

    [Photos via Cobrasnake] Oh highschoolers. Such an entertaining group. Lately, we've been thinking a lot about the youthful crowd, with NYC Prep bringing us a weekly dose of the young and crazy, and recently we peeked in on Cobrasnake's Spin the Bottle party in Los Angeles, a h.s.-only bash that gets the kids jumping, and is presumably drug and sex free (you can hope parents, you can hope...). So, which coast takes the crown for knowing how to get down? While getting stood up on blind dates and picking a voice coach look, like, super fun, we hate to be traitors to our coast by saying these LA kids might be have the edge on the fun factor... Amazing.

    Secrets: before you got to the age where the gossip mill made sure everyone knows everything.

    Cobrasnake - any time you feel yourself slipping, just keep saying to yourself: jail bait.

    Such a bad idea. Painful to watch, actually.