East Coast Versus West Coast: Who Rules The Pool (Party)?

by SARAH MANDATO · September 8, 2009

    So which coast has the edge on pool parties? The West coast gets spoiled with summer weather all year, so you'd think they have the genre down. On the other hand, the East coast really packs everything it can into the season of sun. Brief, but aggressive. After a Jay-Z appearance and shows from bands including Girl Talk, we'd say Brooklyn's JELLY properly represents our hood. There's the celeb factor, amazing music, hipster summer fashions, and the city skyline. The buzzkills would be the lack of an actual pool (is that a prerequisite?) and that yucky humidity.

    Over in California, the Standard Hotel Hollywood is known for it's wet and wild. What does the Golden state bring to the table? Well, an actual pool. And judging from these snaps of a similar swimmy soiree: tattoos, Bud Light and palm trees. Those are small roles, but by no means small actors. Pool are fun. Bad beer sorta is, too. And palm trees are just so cool.

    Well, where does this leave us? Who rules the pool, regardless of whether there really is one or not? We're still swimming in (he he) the shock of our summer being over, so there's maybe a tiny bit of envy that the West coast really does get an endless summer, whereas ours might only be in spirit. Either way, summer fun is great. We can never get enough, and maybe that's part of the reason why the short months out here are such a lifestyle cycle we anticipate throughout the other nine (or in the case of this year, ten and a half-ish) months. But too much of a good thing can sometimes squash the novelty.

    It's a tough call.

    [Photos via Cobrasnake].