Sex Ed Premieres At Laemmle Theatre In West Hollywood

by CHRISTINE COOLIDGE · August 3, 2009

    Matt Barr, Casey Graf, Andra Fuller, George Finn, Louis Morabito[Matt Barr, Casey Graf, Andra Fuller, George Finn, Louis Morabito - The Boys Of Sex Ed. Photos via Getty].

    Last night in West Hollywood, Sex Ed: The Series premiered at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatre. A cross between The Breakfast Club and Sex in the City, Sex Ed: The Series is a new one-hour dramedy that follows the personal lives of eight very different college students enrolled in a general education class called Sexuality Today. The series site goes on to illustrate: "What seems to be a cake course turns into something unusual in the hands of Professor Alison Trevase (Joanna Cassidy) with their first assignment: to pair up and make clay sculptures of each other's genitals.  With each lesson, the students are forced into intimate situations and discover things about themselves that they'd rather not admit publicly".

    The tagline is "Not everyone will pass. But everyone will be exposed."

    When your classmates look this good, it can't be as painful as most awkward school sex ed classes:

    Andra FullerAndrea LuiAngela Sarafyan Andra Fuller as Al                         Andrea Lui as Kate                       Angela Sarafyan as Stormy

    Casey GrafGeorge FinnJennifer Johnson Casey Graf as Milo                     George Finn as Billy Henry          Jennifer Johnson as Ella

    Louis MorabitoMatt BarrQorianka Kilcher Louis Morabito as Rex                Matt Barr as Dean                        Q'orianka Kilcher

    Scroll down for more pictures from the after party...

    Matt Barr Matt Barr

    George Finn, Casey Graf, Andra Fuller, Louis MorabitoTamela D'Amico, Matt Barr Cast                                                          Tamela D'Amico, Matt Barr

    Jennifer Johnson, Laura Clery, Joanna Cassidy, Tamela D'Amico, Angela Sarafyan, Andrea Lui Jennifer Johnson, Laura Clery, Joanna Cassidy, Tamela D'Amico, Angela Sarafyan, Andrea Lui

    Laura Clery, Casey Graf

    Ernie Hudson, Andra Fuller Laura Clery, Casey Graf                    Ernie Hudson, Andra Fuller

    Joanna Cassidy Joanna Cassidy

    Barbara Eve Harris, Rob Welsh

    Jessica Collins Barbara Eve Harris, Rob Welsh       Jessica Collins

    Ernie Vecchione, George Finn Ernie Vecchione, George Finn

    Andrea Lui, Casey GrafAtmosphere Andrea Lui, Casey Graf                     Atmosphere

    DJ Kid Japer DJ Kid Japer

    Laura Clery, Tamela D'AmicoGeorge Finn, Jennifer Johnson Laura Clery, Tamela D'Amico         George Finn, Jennifer Johnson

    Angela Sarafyan, George Finn Angela Sarafyan, George Finn

    Q'orianka Kilcher, Ernie Vecchione Q'orianka Kilcher, Ernie Vecchione