Tamsin Lonsdale's Supper Club Celebrates Arrival In L.A. With A Dinner Party, Of Course

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · April 23, 2009

    [Tamsin Lonsdale. All photos by DAVID CROTTY for PMc] Last night at the upscale Beverly Hills tiki restaurant Luau industry maven Tamsin Lonsdale held a dinner party to celebrate the new LA branch of her members only group, The Supper Club. Already having successfully founded the Supper Club in London and NY, Brit turned New Yorker Lonsdales' next step was naturally to head out West to la la land.  A few of the guests who turned out for the kick off included...actress Carly Steel, artist Jillian Kogan, musician Nathalie Walker, social entrepreneur Paige Rolfe, Carter Reum of Veev liquer, Lo Bosworth of the Hills, and writer Colette Abedi among others.

    The Supper Club LA will no doubt try to gather some of bright lights and pretty young things in film, fashion, and art together to join the party.  Getting an eclectic and diverse group is key of course- presumably no boring dinner conversation allowed.  Instead the Club is somewhat of a "moveable feast" if you will for its' members, as well as a concierge arranging and granting access to coveted events, restaurants, gallery openings - you get the picture.   Sounds pretty fun right?  Hopefully the somewhat recession proof Hollywood set will be able and willing to swing the dues.  Supper Club LA is now taking applications. Check out more pictures from the event below.

    Alexis Zimbalist, Carly Steel, Tamsin Lonsdale, Paige Rolfe, Doria Latu

    Carter Reum, Nathalie Walker

    Taylor Materne, Lindsay Prickett, Tamsin Lonsdale, Rachel Greenberg

    Chris Winchel, Lo Bosworth