The Supper Club Hosts Black Dahliance Party For Carly Steel

by Chiara Atik · August 24, 2009

    Last Friday, The Supper Club and Tamsin Lonsdale in Los Angeles hosted a Black Dahliance Party to celebrate the birthday of TV host Carly Steel. The event was held at the Sowden House, a fitting location as some theories name it as the scene of the Black Dahlia murder. The party was catered by Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron, and guests enjoyed live performances from burlesque dancers, jazz singers, and acrobatic performances.

    More pictures below...

    [All photos by ANDREAS BRANCH for PMc]

    Kristen Ess, Jade                              Kaz Amor, Carly Steel

    Edi Gathegi                         Beau Swayze, Tamsim Lonsdale, Carter Reum

    Emily Ce Richemont, Carl Van Drakkar   Isabel Miko

    Ava Jay                     Cameron Kateson, Corey Diamond, Carly Steel

    Christian Serratos                         Nathalie Walker, Mike T

    Karis, Jorge                                         Lady Victoria Hervey

    Mariel Wittmond,Tal Polany        Olga De Villa Cis, Amy Graves, Roberto De Villa Cis