Zac Efron And Other Teen Idols Let Loose At Teen Choice Awards

by Chiara Atik · August 10, 2009

    [Zac Efron. All photos via Getty]. You know how teen girls go crazy over young Zac Efron? Yeah, turns out, it's because he's ridiculously good looking. Like...please click on that thumbnail. He is hot. On Saturday, he showed up to the Teen Choice Awards, along with Britney Spears, the casts of teen sensations Gossip Girl and Twilight, and just about every person to ever appear on the Disney Channel. We'll be bringing you more photos and coverage later, but some of the photos are just too hilarious, we couldn't wait to share them. See below for some of the more head-scratching moments...

    [Levi Johnston and Kathy Griffin. Via Gawker].

    So, Levi Johnston is admittedly better looking than Steve Wozniak. Wozniak, however, founded Apple and is a genius billionaire, whereas Levi is primarily known for knocking up Sarah Palin's daughter and having a mother who deals meth, so, I think we can safely call it as a "downgrade" for Kathy Griffin.

    If Billy Ray Cyrus was your dad, do you think you'd be embarrassed by this photograph? He is at the Teen Choice Awards. He is using a surfboard as a guitar as if he was a rocker and not the singer of the early nineties hit "Achy Breaky Heart". And he has a soul patch. You decide.

    Any guesses as to what exactly is going on in this photo of Megan Fox?

    Ok, if Hugh Jackman is THAT desperate....uhm, he should come find me.

    No, really, Hugh, I'm right here.

    Fergie looks is JUST as happy to see Miley Cyrus as Miley Cyrus is happy to see Fergie.

    Teen idol Mike Tyson??

    Nice of Vanessa Hudgens to dress up for the occasion, snicker snicker.