More Gems From Craigslist Coachella Ticket Madness

by Emily Green · January 28, 2011

    Yesterday, we told you about the farmer who was willing to trade his Coachella ticket for 3 goats on Craigslist. We took a look again today to see what other interesting ticket trade options came up, like this ticket-holder who felt it necessary to divulge his wife's temperament during her pregnancy:

    TRADE 2 Coachella tickets for 2 NBA All Star Tickets:

    "Can't go to Coachella anymore!!!! Wife just found out she was pregnant and will be 4.5 to 5 months along come April. Rather than have her get grouchy on me the whole festival, I would rather go to the All Star game this year. "

    See the other gems we uncovered from the desperate world Craigslist's Coachella page...

    With the annual festival sold-out in a week, we advised you to get creative with your bartering and it looks like some of you listened! Here's a little sampling of what some are offering in exchange for some coveted Coachella tickets and how we suspect they'll fare in such a competitive market:

    A barely used Blackberry: Oh c'mon. A barely used Blackberry is as useless and dysfunctional as a brand new one the insurance company sent you to replace the one with the broken trackball. Besides, the iPhone for Verizon will be available by then.

    Xbox 360 with controllers, headset and games: Only a virgin would go for this. A really stupid virgin.

    Nintendo Wii AND Rockband: We actually love us some Wii action but not nearly as much as Duran Duran, Cut Copy, Arcade Fire, Interpol or the Black Keys live. See above.

    Taylor Swift tickets to her L.A. show in August: This is a joke, right?

    This girl will smoke you out all day and more!: Sesh For Coachella- $350

    "Need 1 Ticket!!! Female, down for an all day sesh! I'll be providing the driving, goods, and everything included plus take you to some tasty restaurants in Los Angeles and food trucks!! And also pay you $350 cash on top of that for the ticket! Can't get better than that! 420 :) Email me!!!"

    She sounds like she's a boatload of fun, but we don't see her deal appealing to anyone who has friends. Maybe someone from out of state in need of a stoner tour guide who has a vast knowledge of food trucks with the best munchies for the weekend would go or this?

    This one may be ahead of the curve. Rather than trying to get a ticket, he's already determined to sneak in without one, he just needs an "invisibility cloak".