Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Sells Out Echoplex

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · March 17, 2010

    Friday marked night two of three for band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, to perform at Echoplex. The local band sold out the venue. The Whigs, from Athens, Georgia, were the opening act.

    Echoplex, known for their up and coming music scene, was filled to the brim with jumping, anxious fans. The Whigs really got the crowd going  with their garage rock music. The trio just released their latest album, In The Dark, and are on tour through spring.

    Following The Whigs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club took the stage. The lighting went from direct, bright florescent to purple and green strobe lights. The audience was immediately satisfied as soon as the punk music started to fill the air. The set lasted nearly two hours.

    The headliner's album, Beat The Devils Tattoo, was released on March 9. The band will be on tour throughout April and May.

    [All images by Timothy Norris for LA Weekly]