Jay-Z Plays Sold Out Show At Staples Center

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 30, 2010

    Jay Z, Young Jeezy

    [images by Timothy Norris for LA Weekly] Jay-Z popped into the Staples Center on Friday night as part of his BP3 tour, and Young Jeezy was with him. As was Trey Songz, who prefaced the show with some of his own wholeheartedly enjoyed rhymes.

    Needless to say, the show was completely sold out and sported a 10-piece band, which consisted of three horn players, two guitarists, keyboardists and drummers. (That's 10, right? No. It's not.) So we can't leave out the emcee of the night, Memphis Bleek, who would make 10. But quite honestly, we expect nothing but the best from Jay-Z. What we don't expect, however, is the Brooklynite cutting out time in his show to sing "Happy Birthday" to a girl wielding a sign announcing that Friday was her birthday. We think it's safe to say that Miss B not only landed herself one of (if not THE) most successful hip hop artists in history, but she also scored a gentleman.

    An emphasized "we wish we were there" really doesn't even come close to covering it.

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    [images by Timothy Norris for LA Weekly]