Metallica To Headline "Heavy Metal Coachella" One Week After Regular Coachella

by Alex Gilman · January 28, 2011

    We could never deny that we're pumped for Coachella 2011. Nevertheless, even we noticed that, in an era where the Kings of Leon are what passes for a rock n' roll headliner, the lineup lacks a certain edge. Well, tell those limp-wristed indie rockers to take their Priuses with them when they leave the Polo Grounds, because the Saturday after Coachella, the four biggest bands in heavy metal are descending upon Indio to melt your face off.

    As the LA Times first reported:

    "Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax made thrash-metal history last year when they performed on the same bill in a string of European shows, and now they will bring their blistering sonic collective to the U.S. on April 23 in a most unexpected venue -- the Empire Polo Field in Indio."

    This is, of course, big news, made only slightly less impressive by the fact that it's not 1987. While their backstage 8-balls might be made out of Metamucil these days, we're guessing at least Slayer (who, if my memories of being a 6th grade metalhead are reliable, was always the most technically proficient of these groups) still has the goods to seriously shred.

    As for Metallica, it can be easy to forget how awesome they once were, given that they seem to have transformed into a bunch of hilariously pathetic whining toddlers. But if there were ever a way to recapture lost glory, this seems like a better idea than recording an album with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. If they can make it through the show without suing anyone, maybe we'll see a flash of what was once the biggest metal band in the world.

    Tickets went on sale this morning and are still available on Ticketmaster. Operating under the assumption that most people who would be interested in this show don't own cars, the show is also offering a $65 shuttle to and from the event from various locations in Southern California.

    [Top photo by Steven Meiers; middle photo via; bottom photo by Steven Meiers]