Michael Jackson's "Captain EO" Returns To Disneyland

by KAYLA HARVEY · February 23, 2010

    The King of Pop's posthumous popularity continues, as Captain EO returned to Disneyland, this morning. Reportedly in honor of the performer's memory, the revival both capitalizes on the recent surge in things MJ while ensuring his spirit is surrounded by those he most adored: young children.

    Lines wrapped around the "Happiest Place on Earth," a queue of both the nostalgic and also those new to the spectacle. Let's hope the latter group recognizes the performer, seemingly of a different race and facial structure than the singer with which they are likely familiar. Following a 13 year hiatus, the 3D music short film directed by George Lucas will run for an unspecified limited engagement, offering many opportunities to see the crotch grabbing and fire shooting fingers in action.