Steve Aoki Goes To South Africa

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 5, 2010


    [all images via thecobrasnake] Steve Aoki played two massively sold out concerts in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday and Sunday before hopping over to Johannesburg. It might seem like he's a world away from those of us who have enjoyed him stateside, but pictures from thecobrasnake prove the insanity over there is just like the one over here.

    A look at Aoki's and Mark (thecobrasnake)'s tweets from the weekend also gives us a little peek into their antics while in South Africa.

    @steveaoki Cape town I love u! Went to seal island. Same spot filmed in planet earth! Tried to feed the 12 ft shark @thecobrasnake but he didn't care. 12:24 PM Apr 2nd via UberTwitter

    @steveaoki South africa!! Tonite is sold out in cape town. Thnx blaise for the show. Eating an ostrich then heading to assembly. Woop woop 12:28 PM Apr 2nd via UberTwitter

    @thecobrasnake I'm in bed naked eating grapes in cape town #isthisreal 7:50 PM Apr 2nd via UberTwitter

    Mark, hurry back to L.A.  We're lost without your photos of us at really unflattering angles.