Only In L.A.: Instagrams Of The Oddest, Most WTF & Uniquely L.A. Crap Around Town, Part III

by Emily Green · January 18, 2013

    Living in this city means bearing witness to a higher than average amount of strange sights and vast array of definitions of socially acceptable human behavior on the daily. Oftentimes words can't do these profound visions justice and that's why we're thankful for Instagram. With our favorite photo sharing app, we are able to capture a breathtakingly peculiar or otherwise noteworthy occurrence, like a stark naked man on Sunset Blvd during morning rush hour, and share it with the world. Though we're only about two weeks into 2013, there's already an overwhelming wealth of such moments to showcase L.A.'s knack for proving life can always get a little bit funkier. So sit back an enjoy another round of "Only In L.A.," a selection of the strangest, most absurd and seriously WTF moments you pretty much could only ever see in L.A. Insta-captured in the new year. More>>