20 Funny Tweets About The Academy Awards

by Daniel Reynolds · February 27, 2012

    Thanks to Billy Crystal and an Academy comprised of old, humorless, white men, the Oscars was a night where the microphone feedback was far louder than the laughs. But have no fear, Twitter saved the day, boasting not only new accounts from Angelina Jolie's right leg and JLo's nipple, but a semi-offical #tweetroast by funnier comedians lambasting Tinseltown's favorite PR campaign. Here are some humorous highlights.

    [Billy Crystal via]

    Jen Kirkman, @JenKirkman: Let’s get this trending, teenagers. #whoisbillycrystal

    Wendy Liebman, @WendyLiebman: The dog from The Artist is getting laid tonight.

    Randy and Jason Sklar, @SklarBrothers: Oprah just built a school inside of a hospital inside of another school during that montage

    Marc Maron, @marcmaron: My gf just asked if Kermit had 'work' done.

    Kelly Carlin, @kelly_carlin: You know the GOP will blame Obama for all these French people winning.

    Laughspin.com, @laughspincom: Whenever they cut away from Kelly Osbourne she snacks on her cotton candy wig.

    My Damn Channel, @MyDamnChannel: If Tom Cruise still looks this young in another 10 years, I'll try Scientology.

    Kathleen Madigan, @kathleenmadigan: Cir du soleil is still easier than a jillian michaels workout dvd.

    Joel West, @IAmJoelWest: Next year instead of watching the #Oscars can I please read the book?

    Alec Sulkin, @thesulk: Actresses absorbing praise is a fun and frightening sight to behold

    Tara Dublin, @taradublinrocks: They say dress for the job you want, which is why Stacy Keibler is dressed like a trophy (wife).

    Andy Borowitz, @BorowitzReport: "The Artist" is the ultimate fantasy film - a world where the French are silent.

    Rob Kutner, @ApocalypseHow: Anyone who wins for ˝The Artist˝ should have to give a speech purely in gestures and title cards.

    Seth Herzog, @Thezog: So glad Brad went with "The Rachel" hairstyle tonight. Nice shout out to Jen