See James Franco's Oscar After Party Invitation

by Emily Green · February 28, 2011

    Anne Hathaway, James Franco"This is why they invented TiVo," said my dad as he fast-forwarded and repeatedly groaned "this is brain damage" throughout the entire broadcast of the Oscars. I think he was right. Last night we learned there's at least one thing James Franco can't do, and that is save the Oscars from being horribly, painfully boring.

    If Alex and others I've spoken with are correct, it might have helped if he had taken one less bong rip or two before hosting. Or not. I don't know if him not being high could have saved that production. But one thing I could have bet on was that he would most definitely appear in drag at some point during the show. He really seems to enjoy it.



    James Franco Oscar Party invite

    So how did the second part of James Franco's night go after the big show and losing to Colin Firth? We haven't had a chance to ask him yet but we do know he threw a not so secret "after after after after party" to which guests were invited with an invite (left) that pays tribute to that awesome photo of him passed out in his MFA class and what we presume is Mr. Brainwash. It's hard to see but underneath the photo it reads "Brainwash strikes again [ugh]".

    The party was held at the "secret" new bar behind Supperclub called The Writer's Room and we're guessing it was quite a shindig since even his adorable grandmother raged at her grandson's party until 2am.

    [Top photo via; invite via dailymail]