The Sandra Bullock Snub And Acceptance Speech. A Packaged Set!

by Rachelle Hruska · March 8, 2010

    YeeeOUCH! Did anyone else catch the snub that Sandra Bullock gave Meryl Streep last night on her way up to the podium? Go watch the clip here. Was this just a joke between the two leading ladies? Some opinions and the full acceptance speech below....

    dmphl 10:01 AM

    Sandra and Meryl....what ACTUALLY happened:

    A few nights ago, at the Critics' Choice Awards, Sandy planted one on Meryl's lips. It was fun.

    Last night, when she won, Sandy walked over to Meryl, lips puckered, like she was about to lock lips again. She then turned away as it was, alas, a joke. Good fun, and Meryl knew it. No diss. No making nice for the cameras.

    Hence the references to Meryl being a great kisser, and Sandy calling her " lover, Meryl Streep" at the end of her speech.

    This is what happened. And two of the nicest and, reportedly, most grounded, people in Hollywood could not possibly hate each other enough to publicly snub.

    Who KNOWs what happened?