Our Complete Guide To Late Night Drunken Eats In L.A.

by Alex Gilman · March 13, 2012

    With all due respect to the L.A. Weekly's Squid Ink blog (even if the departure of Jonathan Gold gives them a kind of "Van Halen with Sammy Hagar" vibe these days), we have a bone to pick with their recent "Top 10 Late Night Eats" list. It's pretty simple: 11 p.m., when several of the restaurants on their list close, is not even remotely "late night." Perhaps if you've just exceeded your two-white-wine-spritzer limit and realize you can throw down at Animal on the expense account before you drive the babysitter home, 11 p.m. seems late. But our two part Guide To Late Night Drunken Eats, which we published last week, isn't for your well-heeled social drinker. No, we're shouting out the mess halls, the all-night diners, the places where even after blacking out on Sexual Alligators, your lizard instincts and muscle memory can still guide you for greasy, satisfying fare that will soften the stomach-punch of a hangover you've got coming tomorrow. Those kind of places.

    Go HERE for "The GofG L.A. Guide To Late Night Eats, West Side Edition"

    Go HERE for "The GofG L.A. Guide To Drunken Late Night Eats, East Side Edition"

    Enjoy the list, and if you happen to stumble into Swinger's while we're stumbling out, slur us a little "hello!"