Foo Fighters Play Secret Show For Spaceland's Final Night

by Emily Green · February 9, 2011

    Did you really think after nearly 16 years of lawless, grimy rock shows, Spaceland would go out quietly with its tail between its legs like some ween? Hells no. Before closing the treasured Silver Lake hole-in-the-wall's doors for good last night, they let that mother burn one last time with a secret show by the Foo Fighters that had been hinted at and teased for days with cute love letters from the band. Having been one of the acts in Spaceland's first ever show, the Foos brought the venue's run as an L.A. rock institution full circle and evoked the spirit of that opening night back in 1995 with the hush hush performance. And also with what looks like their new favorite mode of touring transportation, which I feel is nothing short of spectacular, conveniently parked square in front of the club:

    Foo Fighters Limo [Via @thepaulmeyers]

    The Foos' formal farewell to the the space before it reopens in the next month or so under the name the Satellite brought out fellow rockers Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, and non-rocker Kathy Griffin (...go figure!) to come get nostalgic at the show. As expected, a crowd of Twitter savvy music fans lined up around the venue to get in one last time and see the band perform some of the very same songs they played nearly 16 years earlier on its debut night.

    Here's a video from last night of the band singing "My Hero":

    We all know saying goodbye to something you're not ready to see go is painful, but if you must, you might as well get some beer and a secret show by a multiple Grammy-winning rock band whose 90s song lyrics you know by heart into the equation and set that mother off, right? [Top photo via @deadspacebeyond]

    Enjoy these twitpics from the field of Spaceland's final moments:

    Dave Grohl [Photo via @thejasonmarino]

    [Photo via @andybarron]

    [Photo via @SugarcultMarko]

    [Photo via @thejasonmarino]