Mad Decent Block Party Takes Downtown L.A.

by Emily Green · August 16, 2010

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    "Security guards are taking our weed away -- I thought we lived in California!!" exclaimed Andy Milonakis as he introduced Maluca to a roaring crowd at Saturday's Mad Decent Block PartyMaybe he was just one of the unlucky ones since such efforts didn't seem to get in the way of most other people getting their fade on at the day-long music event.

    Attendees from all corners of the city gathered in Downtown L.A. to see the Mad Decent label's artists and friends, such as Paul Devro, Theophilus London, Ninjasonik, Kid Sister and PO PO perform.  The area surrounding Imperial Street by the Premiere Events Center was flooded with a sea of Ray-Bans, high-waisted cutoffs, acid wash, and all things American Apparel.

    Milonakis played emcee for the day, busting his own flows in between artist sets, which themselves were kind of a hit with the crowd. Maluca, who was sporting probably the most intense platform kicks we've ever seen, and her two backup dancers electrified the audience as they performed on stage.

    Thanks to the DJ sets by spin masters like Them Jeans and Paul Devro who had already gotten the everyone in the audience dancing, performers took the stage to a warmed up crowd that was ready to party.  Despite the day's blazing temperatures radiating up from the asphalt and body heat from the surrounding masses, the crowd bounced to the beats throughout show.  After all, these are seasoned music festers and everybody knows it's not really a summer block party concert until you sweat.

    Maluca Maluca

    Maluca's kicks

    Ninjasonik Ninjasonik

    Paul Devro Paul Devro

    Maluca, Andy Milonakis Maluca, Andy Milonakis

    Kid Sister Kid Sister

    Theophilus London Theophilus London

    Bosco Del Rey Bosco Del Rey