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::Monday & Tuesday, November 11th & 12th::

M.I.A. @ The Belasco Theater
2008 was probably when you first started hearing about M.I.A. since her track "Paper Planes" was appropriately played in Pineapple Express trailers. Or maybe in 2012 when she not only performed with Nicki Minaj and Madonna during the Super Bowl XLVI's halftime show, but also flipped off the camera leading to $1.5 million lawsuit against her by the NFL on the grounds of breaching contract and "tarnishing the organization image." That didn't stop this bad girl from releasing Matangi on last week as she continues to top her previous albums and tours of hip hop and electro beats with her cultural infusion of Sri Lanka, India, and London roots. You can either wait for a review of her tour, or see what she means when she says "The dance go off when I enter the building." Catch her at The Belasco Theater and maybe you'll fly like paper and... well, you know the rest. [Details] [Photo via]
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