RJD2 Performs For Hip Hop Heads At The El Rey

by Emily Green · April 9, 2010

    The multifaceted, label-breaking RJD2 performed for his L.A. fans Tuesday night at the El Rey, along with L.A. underground rapper Busdriver.  Best known as a DJ/producer, RJD2is on tour promoting his newest multi-genre album, The Colossus.

    Initially signed to underground hip hop label, Def Jux (a.k.a. Definitive Jux as of 2001, a.k.a. "on hiatus" as of February), RJD2 is often associated with the underground hip hop scene.  Back in the day you could only buy his CD's at Fat Beats on Melrose and see him live at small venues like the Troubadour.

    Now, a free agent with his own label, RJ's Electrical Connections, you've definitely heard his songs on commercials and his L.A. shows sell out bigger venues like Tuesday's at the El Rey.  Despite the change in size, the show's audience was packed with the same type of hip hop heads and backpackers you'd find at his smaller concerts. With his new album, RJD2's expanded his repertoire which he showcased at the concert when he busted out a guitar and sang like a rock star. Although this is quite a departure from his strictly turntable shows in the past, the fans embraced his new act and loved every minute of it.

    [All photos by Timothy Norris via LAweekly]