Roaming The Culture Collide 2011 Festival Toyota Antics Block Party

by Emily Green · October 11, 2011

    Go HERE for more photos by Casandra Campeas and tag yourself and your friends!

    On Sunday, FILTER Magazine officially ended its four-day occupation of Echo Park with a grand finale, block party-style. To finish out their fully-loaded Culture Collide 2011 Festival of live music, DJ sets, art exhibitions and film screenings, the mag's second annual full-throttle celebration of the arts took over Reservoir Street with a three-stage setup for the day-long Toyota Antics Block Party closing event.

    Thanks to Global Warming this wonderful Indian Summer we're experiencing, it was a beautiful day for some outdoor jams, food truck nom noms and... haircuts?

    Sure, why not.

    Have a look at our photos of the crowd and performances by Chad VanGaalen, Rainbow Arabia, MEN, and Avi Buffalo from the Sunday block party!


    Jonny Makeup

    Rainbow Arabia

    Chad VanGaalen

    Avi Buffalo