Russell Brand Takes Over The Roxy With Infant Sorrow (His Pretend Band)

by Emily Green · May 26, 2010

    Carl Barat, Russell BrandRussell BrandJudd ApatowRussell BrandJudd Apatow, Russell Brand

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    Last night, Russell Brand and his fictitious band from the upcoming Get Him To The Greek, "Infant Sorrow", were joined on stage at the Roxy by a slew of other rockers for a special night of comedy and music.  Judd Apatow, Jonah Hill and Nicholas Stoller, the film's director and co-writer, also made appearances on stage to help rev up the crowd in between musical performances. Even though the point of the show was to promote the film, which comes out next Friday, the night didn't feel like some forced production by the studio and was actually really fun and intimate.  You felt kind of lucky to be there, as if you were in on their joke or getting insider's peek into the Apatow Machine.

    Brand played MC and was funny as ever and totally uncensored as he entertained the crowd with sexually explicit and rape-themed jokes in between the various musical acts.  The show featured a couple of awesome performances by Libertines frontman Carl Barât, who wrote most of the "Infant Sorrow" songs, as well as bunch by the other singers/songwriters of the fictitious band's music from the film.  At first, everyone was a little disappointed Brand was not performing as Aldous Snow with his band but that would change later in the night.

    Towards the show's end, Brand came on to sing along, but not after a little convincing and encouragement from his "band mates."  He was nervous he wouldn't remember all the words to the songs until someone brought him a sheet with the lyrics. Once in hand, Brand really got into the music and danced on stage with rest of the group as he belted out the lyrics.

    For the show's grand finale, Brand was joined by all of the musicians from the night and encouraged the crowd to sing along with them to the hilarious track "Inside of You" from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (remember, the song he sings at the luau while he air-humps?).  A majority of the crowd knew the words and obliged as they clapped to the beat in the perverted but joyous sing-along.