Samantha Ronson Flips Us Off At The Awolnation Concert

by THEO HENDRIX · August 3, 2010

    Samantha Ronson

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    We're not sure what bug crawled up Samantha Ronson's ass last week at the Awolnation show at Boardners' Club Moscow, but she was looking très miz. Not that she's exactly known for being sprightly or anything, but she straight up gave us the one finger salute and lurched away to go scowl in a corner when we saw her.

    Samantha RonsonSamantha Ronson Samantha Ronson

    What could've gotten the celeb DJ so miffed that she couldn't even summon a smile for the band she's been such a big advocate of and Tweeting about at every opportunity? Maybe she's just all angry-like in general.  Boo needs to have a cocktail and relax.

    Meanwhile, everyone else enjoyed Awolnation's show and probably didn't even notice she was there. The up and coming band, which has opened for acts like Weezer, Rival Schools, and is scheduled to open for MGMT later this month pleased the crowd with their sonic pop spunk and energy-packed set. Too bad Samantha couldn't share in their delight or crack a grin. Maybe there's hope for next time when they play the Viper Room on August 12th. Drinks on us for anyone who can make her laugh!