The Roxy Celebrates The End Of The World With Saint Motel & Special Guest Jesus Christ

by Emily Green · May 23, 2011

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    What I'm hearing now is the sagacious Harold Camping, in his infinite wisdom of 89 years and counting on this Earth, is human just like me and you, meaning a tad rusty on his long division and forgot to carry a 2 when he calculated the date of Judgment Day. So that May 21, 2011 return of the Messiah... PSYCHE! But people the world over prepared to make the most of the remainder of their journey. The Roxy's answer to what to do in the hours before the Great Lord and Savior ushers in the End of Days? Rock like there's no tomorrow, just in case.

    For a proper ringing in of the apocalypse, The Roxy invited Angelenos to join in a raucous Saturday night countdown to doomsday led by local up-and-coming indie rockers Saint Motel. "Judgment Day", presented by 98.7 FM, LA Weekly, and of course Holy God, gave L.A. a reason to revel in the rapture with a stacked lineup of bands such as Vanaprasta, Hundred Days, and Queen Caveat before Saint Motel took the stage to escort the crowd to the hereafter. The crowd counted down what may have been their final moments in a resounding "3....2.....1.... we're still here....?" to bupkiss. So much for that whole end of the world thing.

    Even though there was no Armageddon, the event wasn't all for naught, as Jesus did in fact make his highly anticipated return to Earth, and it happened at The Roxy:

    Evidently even the Almighty himself couldn't resist joining the party.