The Temper Trap Caters To Shameless Aussie-Philes Like Us

by guestofaguest · October 27, 2010

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    We're kind of Australian-everything junkies. "Summer Heights High", The Australian Open, and most importantly, Ksubi jeans--all some of our most favorite things. And, thanks to Australia, we had yet another band striking our Oz-loving fancy this weekend when the The Temper Trap came to town.

    We really owe Australia a thank you for the steady flow of great musical groups they've been sharing with us as well. Since the 70s, Australian bands and artists like AC/DC, Crowded House, and The Vines have rocked us into a tizzie. Today we bop our heads to Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, and Kylie Minogue, who are straight out of the land down unda'.

    The Temper Trap played Club Nokia on Saturday night and proved they're more than just that catchy song from (500) Days Of Summer trailer. They hit the crowd with a truly electric set, and their alternative rock tunes and atmospheric beats quickly won over the Australiaphile-packed venue. These Aussies are about to take over the rock scene, so catch them before the band and their ticket prices completely explode!