Today's Newsletter Giveaway: 10% Off GemLust Jewelry for GofG Readers Only!

by Molly Harrington · September 1, 2011

    Just for GofG readers GemLust is offering 10% OFF of its entire selection of jewelry! See below for details...

    GemLust, the web's newest and hottest member's only online jewelry club, is giving 10% off it's entire selection of incredible fine and faux diamond jewelry to GofG subscribers! GemLust is unlike any other flash site on the web, they are not selling last year's designer merchandise for a discount off of full retail...instead GemLust offers its members an exclusive collection of rare and hard-to-find jewelry ranging from Antique and Art Deco to Contemporary and High Fashion, all at incredible members-only prices. Best of all, your GemLust membership comes with some incredible benefits:



    A $100 referral credit for each friend you refer to GemLust when that friend makes their first purchase. Credits accrue and never expire, making it easy for GofG subscribers to receive even greater discounts.

    An exclusive One Year Buy-Back Program. Club members can buy any piece of jewelry from, wear it for up to a year, then keep it or sell it back to GemLust for 50% of their original purchase price! This is in addition to the 7 day, 100% return policy.

    Free shipping and a beautiful free gift with every purchase.

    The featured jewelry on rotates regularly so there is always something new to see. With online boutiques of fine jewelry starting every Monday and a month long collection of high-end, hand-faceted faux diamond jewelry starting the first of each month, GemLust will keep you coming back again and again.

    Coupon code: guestofaguest10 (good for 10% off through 12/31/2011)

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