Eavesdropping In: Adam Lambert Attacks; Beverly Hills Owner Of "The Godfather" House Files For Bankruptcy; Rush Limbaugh Takes Everything In Wikipedia As Fact; Joaquin Phoenix Meltdown A Hoax; Weed Shops Fight To Stay Open

by Emily Green · September 17, 2010

    Adam Lambert goes ape on a paparazzo in Miami Beach [TMZ]

    Owner of the L.A. estate at the bottom of Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills featured in The Godfather files for bankruptcy [Post]

    Apparently Rush Limbaugh doesn't realize that not everything in Wikipedia is true [HuffPo]

    That whole Joaquin Phoenix meltdown and supposed rap career was all fake, an act for Casey Affleck's "documentary" [PE]

    L.A. weed shop owners fight the city to keep their businesses open [KABC]