Eavesdropping In: Airline Passenger Rights Expand; LAX Project To Create 39,900 Jobs; No New Oil Spill Laws One Year After Gulf Disaster; Rebecca Black Death Threats; "Jersey Shore" Season 4, Florence?

by Emily Green · April 20, 2011

    Hellish travel nightmares may be curtailed by long overdue amendments to the Passenger Bill of Rights, such as limits to how long airlines can hold passengers grounded on the tarmac and fairer refunds for lost baggage. [KABC]

    Massive $4.1-billion modernization construction project at LAX will create a projected 39,900 jobs and generate $6.9 billion in economic activity. [LATimes]

    A year after Deepwater Horizon explosion and Gulf oil spill, the nation's worst environmental disaster, Congress hasn't passed any new safety laws on offshore drilling. [HuffPo]

    Poor Rebecca Black is still getting death threats saying she'll be killed if "Friday" isn't taken off the internet. [PE]

    The guidos and guidettes will reportedly take on the motherland, specifically Florence, for "Jersey Shore" Season 4. [TMZ]