Eavesdropping In: AT&T Acquires T-Mobile; Missile Blasts Gaddafi's Compound; Rain Wreaks Havoc Across L.A.; Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti; Paris Hilton & Bruno Mars Vegas Cocaine Prosecutor Busted For Same Crime

by Emily Green · March 21, 2011

    AT&T acquires T-Mobile for $39 billion, becomes one of the two dominant U.S. wireless providers with Verizon, analysts suspect further consolidations [LAT]

    Cruise missile blasts Gaddafi's Libya compound in international campaign bring him down, his whereabouts unknown [HuffPo]

    Record rainfall pounds L.A.: topples trees, collapses roofs, floods freeways and leaves 41,000 DWP customers without power [KTLA]

    Wyclef Jean shot in hand over the weekend in Haiti the night before the country's presidential elections [PE]

    David Schubert, the Las Vegas DA who prosecuted Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars for cocaine possession, gets busted over the weekend for the exact same crime [TMZ]