Eavesdropping In: Big BMW Recall; Winklevoss Says 'The Social Network' Gets Facts Straight; Beckhams Dine At Mozza, Posh Flashes Ring; Rahm Emanuel To Resign Today; Is Meg Whitman Lying?

by Emily Green · October 1, 2010

    BMW is recalling almost 200,000 Beemers for brake problems [LATimes]

    Cameron Winklevoss says Sorkin and Fincher get the true story in The Social Network [PE]

    The Beckham's marriage is just fine since Victoria flashed her ring on their way to Mozza last night, okay? [TMZ]

    It's official: Rahm Emanuel is resigning as White House chief of staff to run for mayor of Chicago, Pete Rouse to fill his shoes in D.C. [HuffPo]

    Does Gloria Allred's letter prove Meg Whitman is lying about not knowing her ex-maid was undocumented? [KTLA]