Eavesdropping In: Borders Files For Bankruptcy; Political Uprisings In Yemen, Bahrain, Libya; Justin Bieber Talks Politics, Is Pro-Life; Charlie Sheen's Advice To Lindsay; Networks To Pull Female Reporters From Egypt After Lara Logan Attack?

by Emily Green · February 16, 2011

    Borders bookstore chain falls on hard times, files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection [KABC]

    In wake of uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, protests erupt in neighboring Middle Eastern and North African countries Libya, Yemen and Bahrain [LATimes]

    You can read all about Justin Bieber's thoughts on U.S. politics, health care, and his pro-life stance in the new issue of Rolling Stone [HuffPo]

    Charlie Sheen might want to wait until all the blow is out of his system before calling into radio shows to offer Lindsay Lohan advice [TMZ]

    After CBS reporter Lara Logan gets attacked when caught in Egyptian protests, networks consider pulling all female reporters from the region [PE]