Eavesdropping In: Bruce Willis Gets Sued Over A Rug, Mark Sanchez And Jamie-Lynn Sigler Are Just Friends, $3.5 Million Recycling Frauds, "This Old House" Is Coming To L.A., $5 Frank Sinatra Shirt

by Emily Green · May 7, 2010

    Bruce Willis is getting sued over trying to return a red wine-stained rug... it really tied the room together [TMZ]

    Mark Sanchez says he and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are just friends and she could "probably do much better than [him]" [NYPost]

    31 people were arrested for bringing a lot of recyclables from Arizona to California for a higher redemption... $3.5 million worth [MercuryNews]

    You can submit your historic home to be considered for "This Old House", coming to L.A. this summer [LAist]

    Some guy may have unknowingly bought one of Frank Sinatra's shirts for $5 at a garage sale [LATimes]