Eavesdropping In: "Celebrity Rehab" Can't Find Patients; Britney & Jason's Public Lover's Quarrel; Woman Sues Google Maps For Car Accident; Speidi's Pastor "Prays for them"; Dennis Hopper's Estranged Wife Is Down To Fight Dirty

by Emily Green · June 1, 2010

    Apparently VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" is having trouble finding 'patients' for the show and has postponed shooting, which was supposed to start today, until they can fill their roster. Who knew drug-addicted celebs desperate for attention are hard to come by...? [TMZ]

    Looks like there's trouble in paradise for Britney Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick -- the two were seen having a spat over dinner at the Mondrian which got so heated that Britney up and left the table, storming out only 30 minutes into their meal [NYPost]

    A woman who was following Google's walking directions when she was hit by a car on a high-speed road with no sidewalk is suing the internet giant, placing blame on their directions for her misfortune, rather than taking any responsibility for being a thinking human who decided to walk on a road without a sidewalk with cars whizzing by [AOLNews]

    The pastor who officiated the holy union of Heidi and Spencer is pretty much the only one pulling for those two to work it out, saying he "prays for their happiness" after news of a divorce on the horizon surfaced last week [Popeater]

    Even though Dennis Hopper and estranged wife Victoria Duffy's prenup states that she would only get a share of his estate if the two were living together at the time of his death, she is claiming that's technically the case since her house (separate from his) is on his property. Yeah. It's going to get ugly... [KTLA]