Eavesdropping In: Chase Crawford's Lady Trouble; Glenn Beck's Brazen Whopper; Obama Officially Ends U.S. Combat In Iraq; Michael Lohan Puts Lindsay's Diaries On Sale; Don't Expect A Speidi Sex Tape

by Emily Green · September 1, 2010

    Picking up chicks isn't so easy for Chase Crawford with Kanye, Adrien Brody and Kings of Leon in the room [Post]

    While pontificating about the importance of honesty and integrity, Glenn Beck tells a big fat fib [MJ]

    Obama addresses the nation, formally ends U.S. combat in Iraq [HuffPo]

    In case you need another reason why he's a lowlife, Michael Lohan's been selling Lindsay's diaries [PE]

    For now, no Speidi sex tapes will be released--if they even exist, that is [TMZ]