Eavesdropping In: Chelsea Handler In Back Brace After Partying Hard; Twitter To Begin Censoring; $50k Diddy Grammy After Party Tickets; Somali Pirates Kidnap Surfing Journalist; Woman Claims Impregnation In Alleged Greg Kelly Rape

by Emily Green · January 27, 2012

    A night of hard partying at Provocateur nightclub leaves Chelsea Handler in a back brace after doing her signature seated "glide" move on the dance floor. [HuffPo]

    In a significant move for the previously uncensored social media platform, Twitter will begin censoring Tweets "reactively," deleting tweets only in certain countries that require it while remaining visible to users outside that country. [KTLA]

    Attendance at Diddy's Grammy after party at the Playboy Mansion will cost you: tickets range anywhere from $1,500 to a whopping $50,000, with proceeds benefiting children's HIV/AIDS Angelwish Foundation. [TMZ]

    Manhattan Beach surfing and travel journalist Michael Scott Moore kidnapped by Somali pirates while on a research trip, demand ransom before negotiations for his release. [LATimes]

    Woman accuses news anchor son of internationally renowned NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, of rape which she claims left her pregnant. [ABC]