Eavesdropping In: Chris Paul Lakers Trade Blocked?!; Instragram Is App Of The Year; Virginia Tech Shooting; Kris Humphries Is Upset With "GMA"; Dozens Arrested In IE High School Drug Ring

by Emily Green · December 9, 2011

    Just kidding!! That trade we thought was locked down for the Lakers to get Hornets' Chris Paul yesterday was reversed after it was blocked by the New Orleans team, and there's nothing they can do about it. [LATimes]

    In its annual retrospective of the year's most popular content in the App Store, iTunes Rewind names my new favorite distraction Instagram as "iPhone App of the Year." [HuffPo]

    A shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech leaves one police officer and the man believed to be the shooter dead. [KABC]

    Kris Humphries is very put out that he was asked about his divorce from Kim Kardashian today on "Good Morning America," suggesting he's very confused about why anyone thinks he's relevant enough for an interview. [TMZ]

    Two dozen Inland Empire teens are arrested in a high school student drug ring bust for selling weed, coke, meth, E, and other prescription medications on campus. [KTLA]