Eavesdropping In: Craig Ferguson Anthrax Hate Mail Scare; East Coast Earthquake; Where GOP Candidates Stand On Evolution; Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Deny Separation; Hottest Days Of Summer Roll In

by Emily Green · August 24, 2011

    Does someone have it out for late night talk show hosts? First Letterman's death threats, now Craig Ferguson gets a hatemail from France with suspicious powder believed to be anthrax until authorities determine it benign. [KABC]

    Our poor friends on the other side of the country had no idea what was happening when a 5.8 earthquake felt along almost the entire east coast struck Virgina yesterday. [KTLA]

    From Rick Perry to Michele Bachmann, here's a handy guide to each Republican presidential candidate's stance on the issue of evolution. [HuffPo]

    Despite rampant reports they have separated, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith maintain their marriage is intact, but there may be trouble in paradise. [TMZ]

    A heatwave rolling into SoCal today and expected to last for the next few days could bring summer's hottest temps. [LATimes]