Eavesdropping In: Don't Dig To China At The Beach!; BREAKING: Gunman Report, Virginia Tech On Lockdown; Kelly Osbourne Calls Xtina "Fat Bitch", C-word; Markets Plunge; Kanye Also Likes His Pinot Grigio

by Emily Green · August 4, 2011

    Careful digging holes on the beach! Some kid in Newport is lucky to still be among the living, rescued by lifeguards and firemen after being buried alive yesterday when the sand walls of his hole caved in on him. [KABC]

    BREAKING: Virginia Tech currently on lockdown after reports of a gunman at large on the campus. The school was the site of a mass student shooting in 2007 that left 32 dead. [KTLA]

    Meeeeoowww! Kelly Osbourne says Christina Aguilera is a "fat bitch", a c-word, and says she called her fat for years on an episode of E!'s "Fashion Police". Karma? [HuffPo]

    With increasing domestic and international anxiety over the grim state of the economy, the stock markets take a major plunge today, the Dow falling 250 points, other indexes down at least 2%. [LATimes]

    Guess who else likes ''Pineeh Greeejo" besides 'Ramonja'? Kanye West, who was spotted swilling glasses of the wine on a date with Australian model Sian Honeybell. Wonder if they got the Ramona Singer 2010 vintage? [Post]