Eavesdropping In: Ex Paula Deen Employee Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Harassment, Shocking Racial Slurs; Fire Destroys Legendary Hollywood Studio; More Sponsors Drop Limbaugh; Justin Bieber Still House-Hunting; Obama's New Housing Plan

by Emily Green · March 6, 2012

    A former employee of Paula Deen Enterprises files an explosive lawsuit against Paula Deen and brother Bubba Heirs, citing multiple instances of racial slurs, one in which they refer to President Obama as the "n-word," as well as routine sexual harassment, the details of which are truly foul. [Radar]

    Investigators of last night's fire which destroyed most of 1041 Production Studios, the legendary Hollywood recording studio where greats like The Beatles, the Beach Boys and Elvis Presley recorded hits, are still trying to determine the cause. [LATimes]

    Following Rush Limbaugh's on-air comments in which he called Georgetown law student and outspoken advocate of insurance coverage of birth control, Sandra Fluke, a "slut" and "prostitute," numerous advertisers of his radio show are pulling out left and right. [HuffPo]

    Despite what other media sources are reporting, newly legal Justin Bieber has not put an offer down on the $10+ million house Ashton Kutcher is renting and is still very much on the market for an L.A. home, most likely something in Calabasas. [TMZ]

    In his first press conference of 2012, President Obama reveals a new $5 to $10 billion housing plan intended to give relief to homeowners and victims of the housing crisis that does not require congressional approval. [KABC]