Eavesdropping In: Facebook Adds "Expected: Child" To Profile Tags; Long-Lost First Hitchcock Film Surfaces; WANTED: Ashton Kutcher & Colonel Sanders Doppelganger Bike Thieves; Homeless Man Jumps White House Fence; Palin Says Obama Pals Around With Terrorists, Again

by Emily Green · August 3, 2011

    Did you know you can now add "Expected: Child" to your list of family tags on your Facebook profile to let your closest 900 friends, acquaintances, and people you don't even know but feel rude rejecting because you have 10 mutual friends, know you're knocked up. [LATimes]

    The only known copy of a long-lost Alfred Hitchcock film, the earliest of his legendary filmmaking career circa 1923 titled The White Shadow starring Betty Compson, surfaces in New Zealand. [Telegraph]

    This news story actually made waking up this morning totally worth it: a duo of Ashton Kutcher and Colonel Sanders doppelgangers have been stealing bicycles in the Newport area. [KTLA]

    A homeless man is arrested after jumping the fence of the White House as CNN's John King is about to go live for a segment in front, the whole thing caught by the network's film crew. [TMZ]

    Sarah Palin pulls the Obama "palling around with domestic terrorists" card, again, on FOX News, sounds equally moronic. [HuffPo]