Eavesdropping In: Fatal Beverly Hills Shooting Victim ID'd As Prominent Hollywood Publicist; L.A. Bans Plastic Grocery Bags; Man Shoots TV In Anger Over Bristol Palin's DWTS Routine...

by Emily Green · November 17, 2010

    Woman dead of gunshots while driving Mercedes in Beverly Hills Monday night ID'd as prominent entertainment publicist Ronni Chasen [KABC]

    L.A. County votes to ban plastic grocery bags, will institute a 10¢ surcharge for paper bags to encourage use of reusable ones [LATimes]

    Someone got personal "thank you's" from Karl Lagerfeld AND Anna Wintour after turning in the designer's lost diamond brooch at CFDA [Post]

    Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes contends President Obama is a far-left socialist with a "different belief system than most Americans" [HuffPo]

    A Wisconsin man was so incensed and offended by Bristol Palin's DWTS routine on Monday that he fired at his TV with a shotgun [TMZ]