Eavesdropping In: FDA Approves Magic Hangover Pill; Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Flight For Words With Friends?; Abigail Breslin Makes Over $16k/Hour; Rick Perry Says It's Wrong For Gays To Serve Openly; Kristen Wiig & Fabrizio Moretti?

by Emily Green · December 7, 2011

    The FDA approves a "magic" hangover pill called Blowfish developed by a Harvard grad who claims it works in 15-30 minutes and is expected to hit shelves early next year. [KTLA]

    In response to his Twitter tantrum regarding the episode, American Airlines has released a statement detailing yesterday's Alec Baldwin incident wherein he was kicked off a flight at LAX for playing Words With Friends or something. Good stuff. [Radar]

    15-year-old Abigail Breslin got paid $65,000 for her role in the upcoming animated film Zambezia, a job that consisted of a grand total of four hours of voiceover work (that's $16,250 per hour). [TMZ]

    In a new TV campaign ad airing in Iowa, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry condemns the repeal of DADT to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military, as well as the ban on prayer in public schools. [HuffPo]

    Kristen Wiig and Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti (he dated Drew Barrymore for, like, five years) were apparently spotted "canoodling" this week and may or may not be having a thing. [Post]