Eavesdropping In: Fox Sports Sues Frank McCourt; Gibson Guitar Raid Key GOP Argument; Sarah Palin Gets Candidate's Name Wrong; Andy Rooney Retires; N.W.A. Biopic Update!

by Emily Green · September 28, 2011

    More legal woes for Frank McCourt as Fox Sports, which owns the Dodgers TV rights, sues the franchise's owner for trying to sell the rights in filing for bankru— honestly, it's early and very confusing before I've had my coffee this morning, but it's just another wrinkle in the sad, twisted crapblizzard that is Frank McCourt's life. [KABC]

    Sarah Palin has a very hard time trying to compliment GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain during a Fox News appearance, calling him "flavor of the week" and then getting his first name wrong. [HuffPo]

    A fed raid on Gibson Guitar factory in Nashville for illegally imported ebony and rosewood becomes conservative Republicans' shining example of the need to shrink federal government and regulations they feel impede American enterprise. [LATimes]

    At age 92, Andy Rooney announces his retirement after 33 years as beloved resident grouchy ranter on "60 Minutes." [Radar]

    Remember that N.W.A. biopic John Singleton and Ice Cube are working on that we mentioned? Eazy-E's son, Eric Wright Jr., is dead set on playing his late father in the film. [TMZ]