Eavesdropping In: Gas Averages $4/Gallon; Chris Brown's Publicist Splits; Burger King Bikini Brawl; Lindsay Dropping Lohan?; Violent Clashes In Syria

by Emily Green · March 25, 2011

    Anyone wanna carpool? Gas is officially averaging $4/gallon in L.A. [LAT]

    Can't imagine why Chris Brown and his publicist have parted ways as everything with him has been going so smoothly [TMZ]

    I hate when they mess up my order in the drive-through, but this lady in a bikini got real upset about something at Burger King and things got physical with the employees. In Florida, of course. [KABC]

    Lindsay plans to drop the "Lohan" from her name but "that ginger mess" will still do just fine [PE]

    Political unrest rages in Syria, government troops open fire on civilians [HuffPo]