Eavesdropping In: Hef Says "No" To Kate In Playboy, No Takers For Nic Cage's Malibu Estates, Hollywood Residents Want Better Parking, Your Double Double "Animal Style" Costs More Now And You Didn't Even Notice

by Emily Green · April 8, 2010

    Hef doesn't think Kate Gosselin is hot enough for Playboy [Eonline]

    First his Bel Air home, now Nic Cage's seized Malibu properties have no takers in auction [TMZ]

    If you think parking in Hollywood is a royal pain, think how bad it is for people who actually live there [Curbed LA]

    Did anyone notice that In-N-Out raised its prices?  [Eater LA]

    Gawker sends Conan's writers in L.A. some pizza in an effort to lure them back to NYC [Gawker]