Eavesdropping In: Jessica Simpson Slams Tequila Shots; $15 Mil RNC Debt; Ronni Chasen Murder Suspect Commits Suicide; Jerry's Deli Hepatitis A Exposure; Eminem, Bruno Mars Lead Grammy Noms

by Emily Green · December 2, 2010

    Jessica Simpson isn't pregnant because she drank like a sailor at dinner and then did tequila shots, okay? [Post]

    The RNC is looking at a $15 million debt that could end up costing Michael Steele his position as Chairman [HuffPo]

    Man believed to be linked to Ronni Chasen's murder shoots and kills himself when police try to serve him a search warrant last night [LATimes]

    ATTENTION: If you ate a sandwich at Jerry's Deli in Westwood between November 12-24, you may have been exposed to hepatitis A and should go to your doc STAT! [KTLA]

    Eminem leads the Grammy running with 10 nominations, followed by Bruno Mars with seven [PE]